India IPL (Punjab) bowlers are fake!

Posted: May 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

India IPL (Punjab) bowlers are fake!

Abdul Ruff Colachal


Most of IPL bowlers are fake and they are in IPL teams because BCCI wants to them to offer the favorite Indians big score where possible.

On 11 May IPL Punjab India faced Mumbai India team Mumbai won the toss and as usual  they sent Punjab to bowl . Punjab got 330 runs from Mumbai bowlers for the lose of just 3 wickets and when Punjab came to bat, they also began offering big runs. Mumbai team is indeed weak but boosted by BCCI through other IPL teams. Punjab could have won the match easily but apparently the bowlers was not keen to win and officered big scores. However, Mumbai lost as they could not get 330 and got 342 runs only. Since Mumbai could get 3 wickets, Punjab also should have wanted to equate it or take one more wickets but use the dotball techniques to deny runs. But Punjab fools did not do that.  Even after taking 4 wickets, they still, pretending to  harp on wickets, while in fact were offering SIXes and Fours.  These scoundrels seem to play for BCCI or big givers. . Punjab bowlers failed to let Mumbai win.

Punjab bowlers are frauds and they have proved it many times, allowing the opponents team to win. Recently, they let their team lose even though they got good score with Amla’s 100 runs. BCCI may have asked Punjab bowlers to give runs to Gujarat so that Amla’s 100 goes waste and he does not get MOM medal (bogus)

South African batboy Amla has stopped playing IPL and stopped batting after that ruthlessness of his own bowlers.

So mean, so cheap and so foolish Indian guys! Maybe they are promised a lot of black money.


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